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How people feel and what they say about SHINEmethod™ and working with Rose...


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I'm Rose, and the reason I do what i do is because I believe you were born a unique amazing soul with limitless potential.  Somewhere, life got in the way and just when you hoped for something better, along came an experience that stopped you in your tracks; sometimes these things even have a habit of repeating themselves, causing you pain and a loss of confidence each time...leaving you wondering where the attractive, confident, successful inner you is hiding...or maybe you have got to the point where you begin to believe that love, health, wealth and joy are just things you hear about but never really see in your own life...something that just comes and goes but doesn't stick around. The secret to changing your experience is this:

1) Believe that investing in your own growth and healing is the smartest thing you can do as ALL your experiences in life, work and love have one thing in common: YOU

2) Discover the ROOT of what's been holding you back and release it so that you rediscover your true inner confidence (by finally aligning your spirit, soul, emotions, thoughts, desires and actions)

3) Create new neural pathways in the brain to create a new and different experience of life and become the person who radiates inner confidence and fearlessly lives their true purpose in life!

Like you I've known repeating patterns, traumas and difficulties in life, but perhaps unlike you, I have had time to navigate through the pain, understand the lessons, and come to a place of healing and awakening; not despite it, but BECAUSE of it. Since 2010, when I first qualified as a Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Coach and Healer (have studied many disciplines since and continue to grow and create even more techniques for you including the SHINEmethod™ which some of my clients talk about in the videos shorts on this page), I have been healing and guiding people, so that you can release your inner confidence, know your true purpose and create better experiences in love, wealth and life for you and those that matter to you.


Deep down you have an inner spark...a confidence and purpose that is waiting to be released...I have worked with people from chidren (I am fully insured and CRB certified) to those in their 70's and the ONE thing they all have in common is that each and every person wished they had invested in themselves sooner.


Through my Talks, Masterclasses and 1 to 1 private online sessions for healing, coaching and creating, I help you to discover your root cause, move through pain, release the invisible blocks that have held you back, and power confidently into your purpose; I believe you were born for a reason and I am here to help you re-discover it! I also train and certify Hypnotherapists, Coaches and NLP Practitioners to the Master Level, for those who feel called to do this work professionally.


I do one to one and group sessions using my bespoke SHINEmethod™ which combines Strength (from your Story), Hearthealing™ (healing the invisible wounds of the heart and our invisible sabboteurs), Insight (gained by learning to trust your intuition on a deeper level), Neurocreativ™ (learning about the uniqueness of your brain, and effective communication secrets that many don't know!) and Energy  techniques (Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional),  bespoke to you.


I frequently work with people in their alpha brainwave state (the creative state just below your beta - chattering - brain) as we can get deeper, quicker and lasting results that way. In one to one Hypnotherapy, we go a little deeper (to your Delta or Theta brainwaves) which is the part of the brain formed when you were very young and where a lot of these unconscious triggers and unhelpful decisions are hiding!)


 I work with you to re-wire any neural pathways that aren't working for you and strengthen those that are, heal up inner invisible sabboteurs that are preventing you being your confident, successful, loveable, most healthy self and together we create new healthier neural pathways to ensure the changes are deep and permenant, so that you make the most of our time together and acheive the strongest results in the shortest possible time! 

Sometimes our darkest most painful moments eventually lead to the greatest celebration of life; discovering how the very things that hurt us the most can lead us to create something incredible and provide a source of strength for ourselves and others. We find ourselves finally living our true purpose; and when that happens we find our flow; Attracting healthy positive people into our lives, creating amazing things we didn't think possible and making our living doing the things we love the most.

For 17 years I directed professional theatre and taught high schools. in 2010 I qualified as  Therapist and Healer, then a Clinical Hypnotherapist and in 2012, I became a certified trainer of Hypnotherapists, Timeline Therapists and Master Coaches (licensed to certify Practitioners and Master Practitioners in those disciplines) as well as a keen interest in Nutrition and voluntary work caring for our planet . I am a qualified Rapid Transformational Therapist and studying Hearthealing™ continually researching to bring the most cutting edge tools to you. My passion is in healing the mind, body and soul and helping you emerge with something amazing to offer the world.


I work in the following ways:


SHINEmethod™ memberships (£39 per month)

classes and positive life hacks to help you create more of what you want in life.

En:Vision memberships (£30 per month)

Groups to motivate, Inspire and propel your business or projects forwards!

One to One work:

Private Coaching starts at £111 per hour

(sliding scale for longer term work or business)

SHINEmethod™ with Rapid Transformationtechniques: £444

(duration 4-6 weeks)


Clinical Hypnotherapy £444

(duration 4-6 weeks)

Navigate programme™

Everything from the SHINEmethod™ or ROOT CAUSE programme, plus 

life purpose and Values alignment 2h session

and 2h of coaching OR 4h coaching

 £888 (duration 6-9 weeks)


For: GCSE / A Level Performace work, Wedding Speeches, Business Presentations

1) We work on eliminating any subconscious root causes to remove such as fear, anxiety, stage fright, lack of self belief

2) Using my 17 years experience as a Theatre Director I support you in

*Crafting the speech or script

*Honing the speech or script

3) Bespoke performance and presentation techniques as appropriate to coach you to the success you deserve!

Prices vary depending on the urgency/ timing of the speech / event.

Weekly one to one coaching over a period of time is also availale.


Hearthealing™ combined with Root Cause 

Followed by bespoke Soul work;

1) Healing of the Root Cause

2) We work on re-integrating the soul-fragments™ into one

3) We work on Soul Purpose and your unique mission for this lifetime

4) We look at universal wounding, archetypal and geneological wounding and how to heal this for future generations

5) Soul Planning and Akashik Records; accessing the spiritual blueprint for your life

6) Bespoke action focused coaching to move you forwards into acheiving your Soulpurpose™

Duration 90 days £1111

Trainings and Certifications:

Practitioner Level in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, Business and Life Coaching

No prior experience necessary  - applications considered

(priced according to certifications required. (£1500 - £4000 Please enquire about availability)

Master Practitioner Level in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, Business and Life Coaching

Must have competed Practitioner Level prior to this certification.

(priced according to certifications required (£2500 - £5500. Please enquire about availability)


To book a one to one, enquire about our upcoming courses and trainings or simply reach out,  fill in the form below or pop me an email to  and I will answer as soon as I am able.  

Remember: It is not what happens to us that defines us, but whether we choose to SHINE(tm) despite it. You ARE more beautiful than you think and more powerful than you imagine, You were born for a PURPOSE and the hardest of lessons will ultimately allow you to SHINE brighter than you ever thought possible. I am simply a guide to help you get there.

Love to you and those in your heart

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Thanks for submitting!

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